About Us

MGICMH is managed by ‘Empower’ charitable trust called based inGuntur,Andhra Pradesh State,India. Empower was registered in November 2008 under Indian Trusts Act 19XX. Traditionally the psychiatric practice, be it in public or private sector, remained biological in nature for many years. This was leading to dissatisfaction in patients with mental health problems as many of them realised that taking just a pill is unlikely to resolve some of the psychological and social issues they were suffering from. There have also been problems with continuity of care in particular when patients were only seen by a psychiatrist. Therefore Dr Khaleel thought that a multidisciplinary mental health team model is likely to address some of these unresolved issues.

 In addition, good quality mental healthcare has remained inaccessible to patients from lower middle and for people below poverty line. Therefore it is intended to introduce psychological and social interventions to biological methods with good evidence base. 

 MGICMH was initiated by Dr Ibrahim Khaleel who hailed fromGunturdistrict but received specialist training in psychiatry inLondon,United Kingdom. He was trained in St Mary’s rotational training scheme in psychiatry and specialist registrar training in University College London and Royal Free Higher Specialist Training. He completed MRCPsych and MSc in psychiatric research. He is accredited with CCST in both General Adult and Old Age psychiatry. He worked as a consultant psychiatrist in National Health Service (NHS) in Bromley, South East London and achieved a clinical excellence award for clinically leading a CMHT which brought a substantial improvement in service provision for elderly in Bromley. He initially moved toGunturon a sabbatical to establish MGICMH inGunturin July 2009, but later resigned his job as a consultant in Feb 2010.

 Both Empower trust and MGICMH are mainly supported by the trusted friends and college mates of Dr Khaleel at Andhra Pradesh Residential Junior College, Nagarjuna Sagar. The immense moral and practical support from the wife and children of Dr Khaleel has been the key factor in the establishment and running the unit.

Our Mission statement

To develop a comprehensive mental health service that is accessible, responsive, individualised and systematic.

 Our Vision

To create a comprehensive mental healthcare facility for mentally ill patients, to develop a high standard training facility in psychiatry and allied professions, to provide information and knowledge of mental health issues to the general public, to establish a world class research facility in mental health sciences, to contribute to the cause of reduction of stigma against psychiatric patients, their families and the mental health sector at large and to promote training in comprehensive healthcare and person centred approach in the spirit of WHO’s definition of health.



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