Community activities and Fee Structure

Community activities

Mental health awareness camps- We conduct free camps at various small towns inGuntur district with a view to raise awareness of mental health issues. We carry out free screening assessments and provide brief interventions.

 Prevention of stress during examinations in local children- We hold free school camps at various public and private sector schools.

 Free awareness camps for alcohol dependence- We carry out awareness meetings of alcohol dependence in various towns and villages and provide free assessments and advice during the camps.

 Fee structure

The key principle we operate is to provide comprehensive mental healthcare to all the sections of local population regardless of their socioeconomic status.  In order to achieve this we categorise patients into a range of financial categories and charge them differently for the same service according to their ability to pay. For example, we charge as low as Rs 150 a day for inpatient treatment in general ward from a daily labourer in contrast to a maximum of Rs 1800 for individual air-conditioned room from patients who can afford to pay. There is no difference whatsoever in the service they receive.